Samlex Solar Series 12V Car Battery Charger Review [2023]

July 23, 2023
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Samlex Solar Series 12V Battery Charger

The Samlex Solar Series SEC-1280UL 12-volt battery charger is the ideal solution for any commercial charging application. This lightweight and efficient unit suits the busiest maintenance workshops and delivers excellent charging performance under demanding operating conditions.

  • Lightweight and compact, weighs 11.2-pounds.
  • DIP-switch technology for easy charge selection.
  • Can charge up to three battery banks separately.
  • Fast-charge operation with “half-power” mode for low-capacity battery’s.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Can’t be used to charge Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Terminal clamps and cables sold separately.
  • Can’t be used in damp or wet conditions.
  • May not suit some residential electrical systems due to high amperage plug.
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Founded in 1991, Samlex America manufactures and distributes power conversion products to the global automotive markets. Samlex is renowned for their innovative design technology, quality build components, excellent pricing strategy, and industry-leading customer support.

We’ve done a comprehensive review of the Samlex Solar Series 12V car battery charger so you don’t need to leave your next charger purchase to chance. We’ve also done a full summary post on all the best car battery chargers for 2020 to help aid you on your next purchase

Overview and Features of the Samlex Solar Series

This technologically advanced three-stage, fully automatic 80 Amp battery charger is ideal for AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), flooded, and gel cell charging. The unit suits all types of 12 Volt lead-acid batteries charging from a 120 V, 60 Hz or 230 V, 50 Hz AC source. Select your choice of charging function using a convenient DIP-switch. The user-selectable two or three-stage algorithm makes it possible to charge batteries connected to a DC UPS.

Stage 1 – Constant current or bulk charge stage. The charger automatically detects the maximum battery load and limits this to the maximum value of 80-amps.

Stage 2 – Constant voltage boost or absorption stage. The charger will apply a constant voltage with the value depends upon the battery type selected.

Stage 3 – Constant voltage, float or maintenance charging stage. This feature helps in maintaining complete battery capacity and compensates for self-discharge

This powerful and efficient unit converts 15.9 A of inputted VAC120@60Hz to VDC12@80A of DC output. The charger has enough capacity to handle a single battery bank of up to 800Ah, or three separate banks with a maximum of 800Ah, with no isolator necessary.

“Half-Power Mode,” allows for safe and efficient charging of low-capacity batteries by reducing the maximum charge current to half the rated capacity.

Samlex has all the necessary safety precautions in place with overload and short circuit protection, reverse polarity detection, and over-heating warnings. The temperature sensor in the unit prevents overcharging or undercharging of the battery. The Solar Series features Switch mode technology for high efficiency in operation. Variable-speed fans and external heat-sink fins help to cool the unit during extensive operation.

This lightweight battery charging system weighs 11.2-pounds, with dimensions of 19.2 x 12 x 5.9 inches. The unit offers a compact solution that’s easy to move around a workshop when mounted to a dolly. Convenient gauge displays allow for quick monitoring of voltage and amperage.

The Samlex Solar series comes with a 2-year warranty and meets the safety requirements for UL Standard UL-1564. The charger is EMI Compliant to FCC Part 15(B), Class B regulations.

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Samlex Solar Series Conclusion and Rating

Samlex Solar SEC-1280ULThe Samlex Solar Series battery charger belongs on the equipment wish list of any workshop maintenance manager. The unit is ideal for heavy-duty operation, allowing you to connect up to three battery banks at the same time for all-day servicing. The best feature about this unit is the three-stage charging that allows for “set-and-forget” use; you’ll never have to worry about overcharging a battery again.

This unit isn’t suitable for residential use as the high-amperage plug may cause your homes breakers to trip. If you’re looking for a charger to use in your workshop at home, consider the NOCO Genius GX3626 instead.

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