OTC 700A 70 Amp Car Battery Charger Review [2023]

July 23, 2023
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OTC 700A 70 Amp Power Supply and Battery Charger Review

OTC now falls under the umbrella of the Automotive Service Solutions Business Unit of the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Business Division. Their 700A series power supply and charger is an example of superior product quality that professionals can continue to trust.

  • Lightweight, compact, and portable.
  • Durable anodized aluminum casing.
  • Professional grade quality.
  • The unit connects directly to shop lift power source.
  • Heavy duty clamps.
  • Easy-to-read digital amp and Voltage display.
  • Excellent customer service from Bosch Automotive.
  • Suitable for commercial use.

OTC is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of precision automotive electronic diagnostic equipment. Technicians and engineers trust the brand due to its strict adherence to international quality standards, as well as exceptional customer service and product guarantees. It’s no wonder that the Bosch Automotive Group decided to acquire the company in 2012.

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Overview and Features

Flash reprogramming is a tricky process, and any technician appreciates the need for a clean, steady flow of DC power during the flashing process. A disturbance in the power supply means restarting the flash and a waste of your time. You can’t afford a slip, and that’s why OTC developed this unit specifically for flash reprogramming in a variety of electric utility vehicles and automotive applications.

The unit plugs directly into the lift jack and provides a constant voltage output that’s selectable from 13.0 to 14.8V DC. With an output current up to 70 amps, it offers fully automatic operation for 12V batteries and works with regular automotive, AGM, deep-cycle, and gel cell batteries.

The technician can select variable charge rates of 4-amps, 20-amps, and 70-amps with an auto-select dual input range of 110-120/220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz. The 700A has a digital amps and volts display as well as a manual mode with digital timer. All the systems settings are available at the click of a button on the 700A, which is why its rated as one of the most user-friendly power supply and battery chargers available.

The microprocessor-controlled operation allows for consistent, controlled operation and smooth power delivery in any flash application. With extra-long 9′ power line cords featuring 20A plugs and extended reach, heavy gauge, 9′ output cables.

The heavy-duty clamps with replaceable jaws to hold everything in place firmly and the large carry handle makes it easy to move the unit around the workshop. The packaging includes an adjustable mounting bracket for quick and easy installation on shop lifts.

The 700A series features a durable anodized aluminum case, complete with heat sinks for dual temperature-controlled cooling fans. This unit can take a continuous operation for hours on end without losing any power efficiency. OTC delivers quality products made for professionals, and every unit is UL/CUL approved.

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OTC 700A Conclusion and Rating

OTC 700AIf you’re looking for a professional-grade power supply and charger for your workshop, then the OTC 700A is an excellent choice. The technology available in the unit makes it flexible and accommodating for the maintenance, reprogramming, and upgrading of flash systems on a wide variety of vehicles.

If you need a power supply and charger solution that’s portable, the OTC 700A is your top choice. The unit is compact, lightweight, and mobile. While it does come with a mounting bracket, we think that you probably won’t use it as you’ll find yourself effortlessly moving it from lift to lift.

The unit it pricey when compared to other battery charger units and power supply’s available, but the added convenience and enhanced performance of the OTC 700A make it excellent value for money. To see a comprehensive review on the top car battery chargers, check out our article.

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James Olive
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