BLACK+DECKER PPRH5B Portable Power Station Review [2023]

July 23, 2023
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BLACK+DECKER PPRH5B 1000 Peak Amp Professional Power Station with 120psi Air Compressor Review

The PPRH5B isn’t really a Black and Decker car battery charger. It’s an all-round portable power station that can give your vehicle a quick boost to get it going when the battery is flat. The unit also houses an inverter, USB charging ports and an air compressor. It’s an incredibly useful device to keep in your car, especially if you’re on the road a lot and often need a bit of juice to power your mobile devices or your actual car.

  • All the features are contained within the portable casing.
  • All the features are contained within the portable casing.
  • The unit can jumpstart a motorbike through to an RV or a truck.
  • It includes a 120 PSI air compressor that is suitable for car tyres and other low-pressure items.
  • A built-in USB port can be used to charge a mobile phone or similar electronic devices.
  • The casing features an LED light that can be used when you are working in the dark.
  • The PPRH5B can be charged by any standard extension cord plugged into a mains supply.
  • For a portable unit, it is heavy at 20 pounds.
  • The unit uses a lead-acid battery that needs to be maintained when it is not in use.
  • The battery must be charged for the full 40 hours for its initial charge after purchase.
  • The unit’s battery can be overcharged and damaged the same way a car battery can be.

Black and Decker are known for being the manufacturer that understands the needs of both the home user and the professional mechanic or engineer. They have been in business for over 100 years and have pioneered the industry of power tools, including the car jump starter, battery chargers and battery maintainers. These products are used in homes by DIY enthusiasts and in garages and mechanical workshops by professionals all over the world.

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Overview and Features of the PPRH5B Black and Decker Jump Starter

The PPRH5B is a portable power supply unit that comes with a range of extra features, all housed in a sturdy, robust casing. It’s designed to go anywhere you go, with a comfortable, ergonomically designed rubber handle for convenient carrying. The power cables and the metal clamps needed for charging and jumpstarting a vehicle can also be conveniently wrapped around a specific holder at the base of the unit, keeping them neat, safe and out of the way when not in use.

The unit delivers 600 peak amps and 300 instant starting amps when the battery inside is fully charged. All you have to do is unwind the clamps and cables, connect them to your vehicle’s battery, switch on the PPRH5B and start your engine. It’s important to note that this is not a car battery maintainer from Black and Decker or a car battery charger. It is rather a jump starter that gives your battery a quick boost that’s strong enough to get the engine going.

You also get some great extra features with the PPRH5B. The air compressor that’s built into the casing is strong enough to pump up a flat tyre on a car. The unit also has a high-powered LED light that will light your way if you’re working on your vehicle at night. The final added extra is the USB port where you can plug in your phone or similar electronic devices.

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BLACK+DECKER BM3B Conclusion and Rating

With this handy device on the road with you, you’ll never have to worry about waiting for help to come along if you can’t start your engine because your battery has gone flat. It will also come in handy if you have a flat tyre or want to keep your mobile device charged without causing a drain on your car’s battery. All of these features combined make it a powerful, useful and convenient device for people who travel a lot.

The only real problem with the PPRH5B Black and Decker jump starter is the fact that it has a lead-acid battery. You will need to keep the unit maintained and charged over time, so it can’t just live in your vehicle for that day when you need it. The PPRH5B is more of a workhorse that needs to be looked after and checked over before you head off on the open road where you know you may well need its assistance.

That being said, if you do look after the unit with care, it’ll be a great help if you take long trips or are on the road a lot for work. It’s also easy to keep the PPRH5B charged as it uses any standard extension cord. All you have to do is get it charged up and then you’ll be safe out on your journey.

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