BLACK+DECKER BC6BDW Automatic Battery Charger Review [2023]

July 23, 2023
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BLACK DECKER BC6BDW Fully Automatic Battery Charger Review

A Black and Decker car battery charger is a prime example of the excellent build quality and innovative technology that is synonymous with the brand. Since their inception in 1910, the manufacturers have been creating power tools and other home-use solutions that have a reputation for lasting a long time and being perfect for use by amateurs and professionals alike.

  • A lightweight and portable unit.
  • It’s compatible with a wide range of 12V batteries, including WET, AGM and GEL.
  • The BC6BDW has an IP67 rating, which certifies that the casing is completely sealed, waterproof and dust proof.
  • It features circuit protection to prevent reverse polarity, short circuiting and overcharging.
  • The unit is ETL certified for performance and safety.
  • It automatically detects the level of charge in the battery and charges accordingly.
  • A hanging hook and magnetic backing allow the unit to be positioned for convenience.
  • The BC6BDW isn’t suitable for charging batteries for larger vehicles.
  • The unit isn’t suitable for commercial use in mechanical workshops or garages.

The BC6BDW Black & Decker charger is a great little unit. It is robust, lightweight and easy to use – making it an excellent tool for charging batteries wherever you go. It also works with extension cords, so you can really get out of the garage with this handy device. In addition, the BC6BDW comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. It’s a powerful tool that will go wherever you go, just about, and can be used in a wide range of situations on a variety of different vehicles.

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Overview and Features of the BC6BDW Fully Automatic Car Battery Charger

The BC6BDW is part of the range of fully automatic car battery chargers that is made by Black and Decker. It’s a small unit that’s incredibly robust, making it a convenient choice for people who need to charge batteries in more unusual settings. How so? Well, the casing is dust proof and waterproof, and even has an IP67 rating to certify the seal on it. This means you can confidently use the charger around oil or dust, outdoors, in the rain or even on a boat in the water. The certification means that the casing won’t corrode or experience any other damage from weather exposure.

The charger is also smart. It has a built-in detection system that knows how much charge the battery it is connected to has left in it, so the unit knows when to be in charge mode and when to be in maintenance mode. It also features circuit protection that ensures it won’t overcharge a battery, and will monitor for reverse polarity when you connect it and prevent short circuits from occurring.

Another element of this charger that makes it so popular with home users is that it’s small, lightweight and easy to set up in almost any environment. The casing includes a magnetic backing and a hook, allowing you to hang it on a wall or simply stick it to a metallic surface to get it out of the way. You can also use the charger far away from a building’s power outlet, because it can be connected to standard extension cords. It features an AC low-voltage compensation system that allows it to draw a steady power supply even through multiple connections.

The charger also comes with two ways to connect it to a battery – traditional clamps and a DC plug connector. You can literally plug the unit into your car via the accessory outlet that you would normally plug a phone charger or the like into. This means you don’t even have to pop the bonnet or get your hands dirty by touching the actual battery.

Conclusion and Rating on the BC6BDW Black & Decker Charger

The BC6BDW Fully Automatic 6 Amp 12V Waterproof Battery Charger/Maintainer is a great unit for home use and for use out in unusual circumstances. This Black and Decker car battery charger comes with the standard features of a smart charger/maintainer, plus the highly robust and waterproof casing. All in all, this makes it a good, solid unit that will definitely be useful in a range of different settings.

It’s not the ideal choice for the main charger being used in a professional workshop, but it would be a good backup to have on hand. It can handle some on-the-go situations that a larger, more commercially designed charger might struggle with. This unit is also only really suitable for a medium-sized car battery or smaller, so you would need an alternative for larger vehicles.

Take home the BC6BDW if you’re looking for something that will last and survive being put to use in some unusual situations.

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