BLACK+DECKER BC15BD Car Battery Charger Review [2023]

July 23, 2023
7.2Expert Score
BLACK+DECKER BC15BD Fully Automatic 15 Amp 12V Bench

Black and Decker is renowned for being the manufacturer that DIY lovers turn to when they need new tools. The company has been around for over 100 years, and has grown and adapted to the changing technologies in the world in that time. This has earned them a reputation for being innovative and trustworthy – a great combination for a manufacturer if you ask us.

  • The BC15BD can charge 40% faster than conventional chargers.
  • The device is suitable for a wide range of battery types: AGM, GEL and WET automotive or marine 12V batteries.
  • It’s strong enough to charge large vehicles such as motorhomes and boats.
  • It detects the size and type of battery and the charge level, and charges accordingly.
  • The unit automatically switches between charge modes to maintain your battery.
  • LCD display monitor has easy to understand icons.
  • The BC15BD has a 40A Engine Start function that will get a car going in 90 seconds.
  • It comes with Black and Decker’s patented alternator check.
  • It includes the battery reconditioning feature to extend battery life.
  • The unit is ETL certified for performance and safety and CEC compliant.
  • It comes with a limited one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The BC15BD isn’t suitable for use outside.
  • The unit isn’t waterproof.

They have also been in the business of making charging systems for several decades, and the BC15BD is an excellent example of a Black and Decker car battery charger. It’s a robust unit that comes with Black and Decker’s patented alternator check as an added feature to help you monitor the overall health of your car and its battery.

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Overview and Features of the BC15BD Black & Decker Charger

As a car battery maintainer from Black and Decker, this unit comes with some incredibly useful features. First up, the smart system is fully automated in the unit. This means that it automatically detects what type of battery it is connected to and the level of charge it has. The unit also checks for potential reverse polarity before it starts charging and warns you if the clamps are connected incorrectly.

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The BC15BD has three different charge stages that it can switch between, depending on the requirements of the battery it is connected to. The unit will also switch between these stages automatically as it detects different charge levels in the battery. The three stages are fast charge to get you from zero to hero quickly, top off to give the battery a sharp boost to get your vehicle started, and trickle charge to keep the battery in tip-top shape once it’s fully charged so that it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

This unit also includes some advanced features, such as the manufacturer’s patented alternator check. This feature monitors the battery voltage under load in order to see if the vehicle’s alternator is working to maintain the charge level on the battery. Another great feature included is the 40-amp Engine Start technology deployed. You can use this to jump start your vehicle essentially as the ultra-quick charge feature will give your battery enough juice to start the engine in under 90 seconds. It can also be used to optimise the power of your vehicle’s battery in eight minutes, even if it is completely flat when you connect the BC15BD.

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Conclusion and Rating on the BC15BD Black & Decker Charger

Zena Product Rating: (4/5)

The BC15BD fully automatic car battery charger and maintainer is a robust unit that includes some great extra features that will help you get from dead flat to up and running quickly and safely. The 40A Engine Start feature is incredibly useful, as is the battery reconditioning feature. These two extras are largely what sell the BC15BD Black and Decker car battery charger because they are able to help users extend the lifespan of their vehicle batteries.

The unit is compact and fairly lightweight, but it is designed as a bench charger. This makes it a little less portable than other options within the Black and Decker charger range, and therefore not as useful to some users. However, it’s good to remember that it has been designed to be used in a garage or storage facility with a power supply. You can just plug it into your vehicle and leave it to charge and maintain your battery for an extended period of time.

The smart system built into the Black and Decker BC15BD Fully Automatic 15 Amp 12V Bench Battery Charger/Maintainer is good at what it does and will give you peace of mind that you don’t have to continually check up on the device whenever it’s connected.

If you are looking for a Black and Decker car battery charger that is great for home and professional use, read our review on the Black and Decker BC25BD.

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